Copy Services

Hundreds of Artist in our area bring their artwork in for archival to CD. After they have sold a few pieces of art, they realize the painting or charcoal is sold and gone and they only have a memory. We take the art into our copy room with color corrected light and begin the process. Using the raw feature on our cameras, we are able to image the art with accuracy and detail. Although we can never exactly match the color, we are able to color correct to between 1% and 2% of the originals tone. If the art is smaller, we can scan on our 14"x18" scanner. Usually the art is in our lab only overnight so rest at ease. Once a customer left a $4.5 mil renaissance painting with us for 3 weeks. You have to pick up yours sooner than that.

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Disclaimer: It is illegal to scan or reproduce a copyrighted image. We will not accept your order is we feel that doing so would constitute an illegal action.