Interiors & Exteriors

We traveled the US to photograph home interiors and exteriors for building contractors. We developed and used one of the first virtual reality systems for photographing interiors. It was the early days of digital photography and I possessed 2 of the 3 20mm lenses known to be in the US. Through a combination of film, camera on a tripod and a 360 degree adapter, 12 photos would be taken sequentially. The film was processed, then scanned and stitched together in photoshop to allow the consumer to view any part of the scene with the click of a mouse. Attention to detail meant all personal photographs had to be removed as well as any personal items unique to our customer (to protect their privacy). Big files with lots of detail. This was a great selling feature, but one that is not needed in today's market.

If you are selling your house or having one of our fine Realtors do, you probably could use our help. It is a proven fact that potential customers do not spend much time on a home webpage if there are no photographs. You need more that 1 even if you do it yourself. Bring us in for your critical home or houses that need to sell fast. Houses with furniture photograph better than empty houses. Warm weather is better than winter as the grass will be full and green. Attention to detail is everything. Call today and ask questions. We can help.