Photo Restoration

Although the name above refers to putting a photo back to it's original state, this is really not feasible. Instead, we copy the original photography either through a high resolution scan or by means of our copy camera, bring it into Photoshop and make the necessary corrections that your require. Many times we are asked to completely restore an image, or simply remove the cracks and decay. Everything is done "In house" to keep your image as safe as possible. If it is a portrait and big areas are missing, we copy it then forward that copied image to our restoration lab where Artist recreate and build in information that was lost. Sometime we may ask for other photos to help us know what the missing areas look like. Cost are a concern for everyone, but many times it cost must less than you think. Give us a call or stop by to discuss your restoration needs.

S & S Photography

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Disclaimer: It is illegal to scan or reproduce a copyrighted image and comes with a hefty fine. We will not accept your order is we feel that doing so would constitute an illegal action.