Scan to File

Slides Let us scan your slides and record them to DVD. Viewing on your computer is much more convienent than setting up a slide projector. Whether 1 or 1000 we can help with your project. Our scanning software uses an infrared filter to "see past" dust and small scratched.

Old Photos Our 12' X 18" scanner can scan up to 1200 dpi for your printing needs. Larger images can be segment scanned and pieced together with photoshop.

Transparency This form of "positive" used to be the ultimate media for reproducing photographs, slides etc for re


Glass Plates These can be scanned and / or restored.

Tin Types Scanning can greatly enhance most of this form of photograph.

Disclaimer: It is illegal to scan or reproduce a copyrighted image and comes with a hefty fine. We will not accept your order is we feel that doing so would constitute an illegal action.