Digital Photo Lab

Reproduction Grade Copy

This service if for artist, designers, and others wanting to archive their artwork to digital format. Once you give the art away or sell it, you have no record of the image. Drop it off with us and we work our magic. With our color corrected lights, we can copy your art, taking it into Photoshop to closely match color to your original. Then output to CD, DVD, Blue Ray, Thumb drive or simply email to you. We produce beautiful copies of your artwork at a reasonable price and offer several different papers and textures for you prints. Hundreds of artist bring us their work and services are usually completed and delivered the next day. Great for artist offering reproductions of their work as in limited edition work.

High Resolution Scans in House

If you have a damaged photograph or one that has just not held up well over time, we can offer a high resolution scan of the photo. We then offer light to heavy retouching for the scanned image to help meet your expectations. We never make changes to your original photograph and keep it safe while in our care. Once we complete the needed repairs, we will output in with the new changes to your desired size. Call us for more info.

Photo Restoration

Many folks are bringing in there treasured photographs to be scanned and restored. Our staff have years of experience with Photoshop and can many times, bring the color and vibrance back into your image. We then print the photo on our Epson or Canon printers up to 44" wide. Call today for more info.

Extensive Photo Restoration

Bring in your heirloom photograph of the relatives that needs that special touch. Sometimes that oval convex photo has seen it's better days. This service is for an extremely bad photograph with large areas missing or just faded beyond recognition, We can copy the image and send it out for artistic retouching. With this service we could send other images to help with clothing color and design as well as facial structure. Call us today for more info.

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